Maybe you've found your way to me because you're in need of a developer; if so, you're in luck! I'm a recent graduate of the Tech Academy in Portland, OR, and I'm trained in C#, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as the ASP.NET and Bootstrap frameworks. My passion lies in game development, especially as related to NPC AI, and I'm looking for an entry-level position where I can hone my skills as I contribute to something larger than me. Helping you with your goals is my goal, so please send me a line if you'd like to work together.

My love of computing [and especially, of gaming] began with classic Sierra Entertainment titles in MS-DOS - Quest for Glory and Space Quest, anyone? - and really kicked off when I ended up with a Sega Genesis and N64. I first started coding in high school [circa 2004], but back then it was just so I could use HTML and CSS to style my blog. Taking classes in C++ and Visual Basic further stoked the flames of interest in writing programs, and as life has gone on, it's become obvious to me that games and augmented reality technologies offer us an incredible medium for art as lived experience. After school, I left home [Pittsburgh, PA] and had the good fortune to spend a decade traveling the US before settling in Portland, OR to finally pursue my passions. When I'm not coding or gaming, my free time is spent building miniature terrariums, petting my cat, loving Portland restaurants, and exploring the great Pacific Northwest.

Still curious? Download a copy of my resume or visit one of the links below to learn more and get in contact.


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